Fast Lane for Emergency

A Fast Explanation

A Fast Lane - Text Version

Some like to read, so here is the idea
Help people who really nead an extra second.

It's often difficult to hear an ambulance in mission when it's far behind you. AND even if you hear it, you can only see it when it's a couple of cars behind!
Things get trickier in traffic circles. You hear the ambulance but have no idea where it might be coming from. Should you make way? In which direction? What if by trying to make way you actually cause additional obstruction? (By the way, did you know that ambulances were involved in accidents precisely because of other drivers' lack of reaction?)

This is why we thought of A Fast Lane - App.
Drivers want to make way for the ambulance. They just are not always sure when and how. Timing is important for avoiding traffic congestion. Opening a fast lane helps ambulances save those crucial minutes that make the difference for saving a life.